Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rates

At OnRes, we understand that you should be able to easily customize your accommodation’s rates to increase or decrease based on availability, days of the week, seasons and holidays. We also know that your guests may expect discounted rates based on the length of their stay. OnRes reservation software’s daily, weekly and monthly rates feature allows you to offer your guests discounted or increased rates based on any length of stay, or time of year that are fully customizable for any time periods.

Increase Occupancy Rates With Customizable Features

In today's highly competitive market place, offering your customers discounted rates based on the length of their stay can encourage individual guests, families and corporations to book with you for longer periods of time. With our system’s customizable rates feature you can offer discounted long-term monthly rates in the off season or increase weekly rates over holidays such as Christmas or Spring Break.

Data Driven Pricing

Our adaptable rate feature also allows you to examine your past occupancy rates and alter your pricing accordingly. It is common that you experience high and low occupancy days and weeks throughout the year, and our system’s feature allows you to set your nightly, weekly or monthly prices based on your past data.

Using our daily, weekly, monthly rate feature, you can ensure that your hotels’s or tour’s capacity is meeting your businesses goals. At OnRes, we want your online reservation software to be fully adaptable to suite your businesses needs.

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