Availability Calendars

As online booking becomes increasingly popular, customers seeking accommodation on the internet expect to find your businesses current availability on an interactive online booking system. OnRes online booking software systems allow your hotel, tour or adventure website to display calendars that showcase the availability for any of your rooms, activities or tours.

Improve The Customer Experience

Incorporating an availability calendar into your businesses website can prove beneficial in many ways. Our system’s availability calendars have a fully customizable graphical display that can be seamlessly integrated to match your website’s colours, designs and space requirements. The calendars are strategically designed to showcase your businesses availability multiple months in advance. The unavailable days are marked on the calendar so that your customers can view the days that are fully booked without having to enter the days that they are hoping to reserve.

OnRes System’s availability calendars are also automatically updated when a booking is placed, to ensures that there is no risk of double booking.

Better Management of Your Reservations

Our system’s online availability calendar provides hotel and tour managers and owners alike with the possibility to manage your reserved bookings months in advance, staff your business and manage your inventory accordingly.

Easily incorporate an online availability calendar to your businesses website with OnRes and decrease the amount of time you or your staff spend on the phone with customers discussing availability.

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