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COVID-19 Update – We’re Here for You

By: Steve Behrisch , President & CEO

Dear Valued OnRes Partner,

We are in some difficult and rapidly changing times; OnRes understands the challenges facing our sector (as best as we can), and we are closely watching the developments around COVID-19

Having said that, we want to assure you OnRes is here to help in any way we can.

OnRes is a digital-first organization!

This means our services and overall business operations are able to be delivered remotely; all of our team members are working safely from their place of choice (home), and are following all of the guidelines for best practices to safely navigate these uncharted waters related to health and safety.


Additionally, OnRes is powered by Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Hosting – which means we have the most secure, robust, and reliable system we can to ensure the integrity of our core operations – your OnRes accounts.

We are here to help answer questions and provide continuing support related to your OnRes account.

Furthermore, we have been making many system improvements and we will continue to develop the most leading-edge product we can.

On that note, we will be working to upgrade your OnRes account to the latest OnRes 2.0 Booking Engine / Booking Process over the coming days, weeks, and months (it will take a while) – you can see an “example” of this on our Demo Hotel here.

Note: not all features are available for every type of OnRes account – please check with us if you have questions.

Lastly, as everyone is working to take care of themselves, and the needs of their families first; I do expect some reduced hours, so our response times may be a bit delayed depending on the nature of the request – but please note – we are monitoring our Support Email frequently – so please email to ensure the quickest response available.

We wish everyone the best of luck during these unprecedented times.


Steve Behrisch

Steve Behrisch, President & CEO

Steve joined the OnRes Team as an account rep in 2008 and was promoted to VP of Operations a short time later. In 2011, Steve agreed to purchase OnRes and became President and CEO, and has been steering the ship since; achieving significant milestones such as rebuilding the reservation software from the bottom up, forging new partnerships, doubling the revenue, and much more…
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