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Here's what some of our customers are saying:

"San Juan team are very happy and satisfied with the services received from the OnRes Systems Team. OnRes provides our company with GDS Connectivity and our reservations from Travel Agents is strong a regular. OnRes provides quick responses to all requests and fast solutions to any issue. We strongly recommend OnRes Systems to other hotels worldwide seeking to increase reservations via the GDS (Global Distribution System)."

Mercedes Lora, Online Sales & Marketing Manager, CIQALA Luxury Suites - San Juan, Puerto Rico
CIQALA Luxury Suites

"We are a 99 room hotel and having worked in the hotel industry for over 2 decades with both independent and chain properties, OnRes Systems online reservation software is the most user-friendly system I've worked with. Most importantly, since recently becoming an independent, our online reservations have increased significantly; I attribute this mostly to our guest's booking experience; the process is extremely clear and easy to follow - I highly recommend this reservation software to any hotel!"

Jason Lo, Owner, PoCo Inn and Suites, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Poco Inn and Suites

I wanted to tell you that we are very happy so far with our online reservation through you.  I recently joined an online community called Roomz that is for providers of lodging around the world.  Another member of the site asked about online reservations systems so I told them about you.  I thought I'd let you know so that you are aware that you may be getting some traffic from there.  I hope you get some traffic from it anyway! 
Here is what I said on the site:

"We have been using OnRes Systems and have been very pleased with the results. The system is simple and affordable, customers service is prompt and very helpful, and we have been getting online reservations from around the world.

Steve is very helpful and knowledgeable. He will treat you well. You can see their site and a sample hotel reservation system to get a feel for the program at their website at www.onressystems.com"

      Heather Young, Owner / Manager, Whispering Pines Motel, Diamond Lake Junction, OR, USA

“I have had a lot of nice comments from clients about the ease of booking online and being able to see the availability of the cabin. With a website that allows people to see the facility, the online booking option allows them to make their own reservation for the days they choose--less chance of owner making errors in dates!  People like making their own reservation anytime24/7. I am amazed at the times in which people have booked the cabin.The team at OnRes Systems is professional and easy to work with and AccomPro has increased my reservations."

Mary Jo Nestlerode, Owner, Pine Village Rentals, Waterville, PA, USA
Pine Village Rentals

"We have been using the online reservation system for our small boutique hotel and love it. We looked at other systems before, but chose OnRes because of the look and affordability. There is no huge initial investment; there is only a small setup fee and an affordable monthly rate. So it's easy to start with and there is no risk. Furthermore it's real simple to use, it looks great, and people love the extra service of not having to wait till later to find out what is or isn't available. We are definitely very happy with the system and the people at OnRes Systems."
Julia de Ruijter, Owner, Boardwalk Boutique Hotel, Aruba

"AccomPro and OnRes are user-friendly systems to manage online bookings. The people are responsive to any questions you need answered and excel at developing great working relationships. My online sales increase every year. I highly recommend this online booking system."
Joanne R. Grimm, Owner, White Rose Motel, Hershey, PA, USA
White Rose Motel

"This is my family’s weekend getaway cabin. First and foremost, we wanted a package that would allow us to control the “inventory” of available days so as to ensure that we had time to enjoy it. We essentially wanted a package that would allow us to choose days that we wanted to stay there and then leave the remaining balance on the market.

I can’t say enough good things about OnRes Systems. It is a fantastic product. I started off with a list of things that I wanted in a booking system (bearing in mind that I had no previous experience this type of program) ----this package had it all.

They are both remarkably helpful and happy to provide assistance when needed----and always in a very timely way.

It is a 1 year “look ahead” that automatically updates each time a reservation is made!! It also reflects the days in which we have removed days from the inventory. This saves endless inquires about whether a certain day is available. The fact that it is automatically updated is what impresses me most about the package. I have seen packages that appear to have this feature---but in reality it is just a .jpeg image that needs to be manually uploaded each time a reservation is made.

No disadvantages. It is a great product."

Burt, Owner, The Forest House, Newville, PA, USA
The Forest House

“This is to testify that since our introduction to OnRes system early in 2003 along with their AccomPro feature, we have seen an increase in business flow to Alpine Chalet. Furthermore, this system also provides an easy to use manual input and proves to be fully automated and a very reliable reservation system to use. It would be an understatement to say that we are very satisfied with this setup and could recommend it to others looking for similar systems and results. It is money well spent and invested along with many happy customers as an outcome. That alone in today’s competitive business market is simply priceless”.
Ross Senovasky, Managing Director 

“The AccomPro reservation system fits seamlessly into our website and provides our visitors with an easy to use reservation system that makes other booking systems look out of place or complicated to use.

There is no distraction in the interface, and the booking steps are all easily navigated which is very important from the perspective of visitor to customer conversions; one of the most important parts of any website.  From an administrative stand point, the AccomPro is also easily configured and loading new products or changing inventory to existing ones is done quickly and logically.  I recommend this reservation system to any business weather a small bed and breakfast,apartment rental agency, or a large hotel”.
Radek Z, Marketing Manager

Thank you to all at OnRes and keep up the good work!

Yours truly,

Alpine Chalet Inn, Whistler, BC, Canada
Whistler Alpine Chalet

   "A Stay Inn Ely has been very happy with AccomPro. The reservation system is extremely user friendly. Both our customers and our employees find making and handling reservations simple and straightforward. The number of reservations we receive on-line has risen dramatically since we switched to AccomPro. We have only experienced one small problem with the system and it was corrected in less than a day. I give my strongest recommendations regarding this reservation program.

     Thank-you for assisting us in providing wonderful lodging experience for our guests --- starting right at the initial reservation."

Joan Kjorsvig-Beans, Owner / Manager, A Stay Inn Ely, Ely, MN, USA
Stay Inn Ely

"We run a very small boutique motel in a seasonal location. I knew I had to find a way to take our motel to the next level, but I was skeptical about online booking. I had experienced overbooking and communication defects at another location with other online systems. But when Steve from OnRes Systems called, he convinced me to take the leap of faith and walked me through using the system.

Almost immediately I could see the increase in business. Not to mention, as a small business, the freedom I gained by using OnRes has greatly improved my own quality of life. It started with online booking, then mobile booking and direct booking from Facebook. But It wasn’t long before our bookings went from solely phone calls and walk-ins to as much as 80% booked online.

Now walk-ins are not likely to find a vacancy on weekends. Additionally, I’ve found that OnRes Systems stays relevant as the industry changes. When I found myself having to manage room inventory on several different sites, OnRes came to my rescue. Our motel was one of the first in my area to have direct channel management with Booking.com, Expedia and Trip Advisor’s TripConnect. All this has resulted in an increase in business and the management of our inventory all in one place, which means peace of mind for me. It’s been 5 years of consistent growth. I highly recommend OnRes." 

                          Michelle Odato, Starlite Motel, New York 

"We are a 99 room hotel and having worked in the hotel industry for over 2 decades with both independent and chain properties, OnRes Systems online reservation software is the most user-friendly system I've worked with. Most importantly, since recently becoming an independent, our online reservations have increased significantly; I attribute this mostly to our guest's booking experience; the process is extremely clear and easy to follow. Furthermore, OnRes and their partner provide us with our Strategic Internet Marketing Initiatives, GDS Connectivity, booking interface to TripAdvisor, and a new product called Triptease which has also helped increase our direct reservations - I highly recommend OnRes to any hotel!" 

     Jason Lo, Owner, PoCo Inn and Suites, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada 

"OnRes and their team have helped the Prince Albert Inn increase our online presense dramatically since partnering with them. OnRes not only built our gorgeous new website in a timely and professional manner, but also provide our online reservation system and our channel management to Booking.com and Expedia – all while 2-way interfacing directly with our PMS. The changes were put in place quickly and seamlessly for our front desk staff. I’m confident in their team and their ability to continue to help our business and the best part - increase our reservations." 

     Sheri Seiferling, Director of Operations, RG Ventures / Prince Albert Inn, Prince Albert, SK, Canada 

"Steve and his team at OnRes have helped us with every aspect of our online needs. We recently bought the business and partnered with OnRes for all of our online needs – they built our website, installed the booking engine / reservation system which also connects to our Expedia and Booking.com accounts. Since we started we’ve seen a noticeable increase in our direct reservations." 

        Dikesh Patel, Owner, Potsdam Inn, Potsdam, NY, USA 

"I have been using OnRes System for almost 6 years. We chose the company because after speaking to several, we felt that the personalized and attentive service we received during our initial conversations with Steve would be indicative of our experience once we started using their services. We certainly have been happy in our choice and do not foresee any changes. During the process of setting up our account and information, Steve was extremely helpful and accessible and has remained so during our entire relationship. The company is reliable, professional and delivers a great product. I believe the product has been a big part of our extraordinary growth and has provided our guests a fast, easy way to make a reservation. The product has allowed our small hotel (only 8 suites) to compete with large, internationally branded companies. We have won many prestigious awards including #2 Best Small Hotel in the United States by Tripadvisor for 2016, I believe OnRes has been a big part of our success." 

                          Marina Rossi, Owner, San Giuliano Hotel, Cardiff by the Sea, CA 

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